First PPC match for 2016

The opening match for the 2016 season started out rough. The first relay was a complete throw away. I raced through each string of fire like the world was coming to an end. The result was predictable, a dismal 450-11X out of a possible 480-48X. Several other competitors even remarked with such quips as “The gun is in your hand, not to your head”.

Heeding their admonitions, I forced myself to slow down and focus on the next relay. Lo and behold, marksmanship fundamentals again proved their worth. My resultant score came up to 461-18X! With one more relay to fire, I vowed to use every second of time allotted to me.

Relay Three, Stage “A”.

Six rounds at three yards one handed and twelve rounds at seven yards. The result was an almost clean score of 180-16X.


Stage “B”.

Twelve rounds at fifteen yards and eighteen rounds at twenty-five yards using the barricade. Score for the stage was a great 288-14X! Total score for the relay was a terrific 468-30X!


So even with that lousy first run, I start the season with an average of 459.66 points @ 95.76%!

To finish out a great morning, I got the results from last year’s season. After several seasons of alternating between 4th and 5th place, I finally broke into the Top Three!



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2 Responses to First PPC match for 2016

  1. Sharon Annis says:

    Congratulations John! Awesome job!

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