One from the vault of forgotten lore….

Recently much hullabaloo has been made in regards to a low profile concealed carry holster supposedly being marketed by I am not going to go into a rant about the foolishness of using a piece of stretchy bungee cord for every day carry. This is nothing new as it has popped up many times before in numerous incarnations. Sometimes referred to as the “Mexican Shoestring Holster”, the earliest version that I have found was the OSS String Holster. It was used strictly for clandestine purposes. My father showed me this trick with my cap pistol when I was but a wee upstart.

A bit of string is tied into a loop which is then run behind the belt protruding both over the top and below the belt. The pistol barrel is slid through the top loop and then down through the bottom loop. Often these were suppressed pistols such as the iconic High Standard HD Military. Standing in for demonstration is my Ruger 22/45 referred to by some of my cohorts as “The Belfast Gun”.

OSS String Holster #1

In drawing, the sights are turned inward to prevent snagging on the string.

OSS String Holster #2

OSS String Holster #3

Once drawn, all that remains is a piece of string which can be discarded along with the weapon after the mission at hand leaving no evidence in case of being detained during escape and evasion.

OSS String Holster #4

OSS String Holster #5

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