The season is almost upon us….

The first Swiss rifle match is at the end of this month. My supply of Swiss GP11 is low and I am reserving it for the CMP Eastern games. Last month I started working up a handload to use instead. The range testing was informative and pointed me in the right direction. Various different loadings were tested with the results improving as bullet velocity increased. Last time at the range I ended trials with 41.5grs. of IMR-4895 gunpowder. That was to be the starting point for this testing. Groups were fired with powder charges increasing in half grain increments. Towards the end, the groups shrank in size significantly at 43.5grs. I am starting to get close to the accuracy of the Swiss produced ammunition!

In April, the CMP rifle matches start. To this end I brought along my M1 Garand. My handloads have proven themselves in this rifle. My best for the day was a 98!


I mark my brass with a red magic marker to denote how many times it has been fired. These cartridges have been fired and reloaded once.


But after being fired today, the two stripes show that they have been twice fired. It helps me keep track of brass longevity.


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