Hedging my bets against a drought….

As of late, surplus Swiss GP11 7.5x55mm ammunition has become hard to procure. Rumor has it that the Swiss will soon be starting a new production run. At what time the current stocks will be surplussed is anybody’s guess. So I have decided to go into R&D mode to reload the commercial 7.5x55mm brass I have. The remaining few hundred rounds of GP11 that I possess will be reserved for the CMP Eastern Games.


The local Swiss rifle matches that I compete in are conducted at 100 yards as opposed to the usual 300 meters due real estate constraints. In light of this I am going to forgo the usual 168gr. and heavier HPBT bullets. I have a sizeable supply of Hornady 150gr. FMJBTs that I hope will suffice for the shorter range.


Fortunately, when I got my first K31 rifle, the portugese INDEP ammunition was plentiful and cheap. Already an experienced reloader, I saved the fired brass. Later on; through judicious trading, I also acquired 7.5x55mm brass from Norma and Frontier.


I have my brass trimmed and the seating depth set.


I will see what kind of spread I get due to the different case brands.





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2 Responses to Hedging my bets against a drought….

  1. the 150 fmjs work really nicely for me. i’m also going to work up some 155 amax loads for the k31.
    best of luck!

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