First of two Pythons

The second handgun I ever bought is my 4″ nickel plated 1967 Colt Python. It was used but sound and I got it for a song in 1984. Almost immediately after buying it, I replaced the factory wood grips with a set of Hogue rubber grips.


The revolver had a lot of magnum ammunition run through it prior to my ownership. My carrying it as my service revolver continued the beating that the nickel finish took from the muzzle blast.


Try as you might, the burn rings at the front of the chambers are never coming off!


The Python was carried daily and shot often. Originally, the ramp front sight had a red insert. After untold rounds fired, the insert parted company with the sight and was never to be found. I simply took a file and squared up the insert notch. Now the backface of the sight was flat vertically which actually improved the sight picture!


The nickle finish on the rest of the revolver is bright.


The iconic “Rampant Colt”



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