The end of the shooting season….

Saturday, November 28th. The last Swiss Rifle match of the 2015 season. No more competition of any kind until spring of next year.



After the allowed sighter rounds to confirm zero and foul the bore, we got down to business. First up as always is the Swiss qualification test, the Obligatorisch. The first target is the A5 bullseye. For this stage, the red scoring rings are used “1” through “5”.

O 1

The second half of the stage uses the dreaded B4 silhouette target. The B4 is scored as shown at the upper left corner of the target. Keep everything in the black and you are doing well. The combined score totaled 73 points, earning me another qualification certificate!

O 2


Next in play is the field shoot, or Feldschiessen. Using two B4 targets it gets faster as the stage progresses. I was doing well in the first half with the exception of one shot. My left hand slipped slightly as the sear released. The bullet went wide and scored only two points.

F 1

The second half went better with all shots in the black. And this was the faster half! My total for this stage was 60 points; my highest for the season, and a medal earning score!

F 2


The last stage of the match is the “single shooting contest”, or Einselwettschiessen. Ten shots in ten minutes on the A10 target. For this stage, the black scoring rings 1 through 10 are used. So now, scoring is twice as tight!

I made the mistake of keeping a running score in my head as I fired. As the stage progressed, I was hitting all “8”s and “9”s.”I got this in the bag for sure. At least a certificate, maybe even a medal!” I foolishly told myself. Nope. With one shot left to be fired this year, I jerked the trigger. Out the black and way up in the “3” ring. Total score, 80 points. Five points from earning anything.


So now the season is over. The match director will tally the season results and inform us next month of who won what. Nothing left to do but police my brass and turn my thoughts to NEXT YEAR!


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