Colt Woodsman

One of my favorites in my collection is my 1949 Colt Woodsman Target pistol.

Colt Woodsman #2

As with many .22 pistols of the era, the barrel is separate from the slide.

Colt Woodsman #13

Colt Woodsman #15

Colt Woodsman #17

Even though the rear sight recoils with the slide while the front sight is fixed to the barrel, this pistol is very accurate!

Colt Woodsman #21

The rear sight is click adjustable.

Colt Woodsman #10

The front sight is under cut.

Colt Woodsman #6

The iconic “Rampant Colt”

Colt Woodsman #28

This Woodsman is a 2nd series gun since it has a push button magazine release instead of a heel clip.

Colt Woodsman #32

The unique flat/curved trigger.

Colt Woodsman #33

All 2nd series pistols came with plastic grips.

Colt Woodsman #34


Over the years, several people have commented that this was the gun in a certain Bond movie poster.


Sorry, not even close. The pistol in Sean’s hand isn’t even a firearm. It is a Walther LP53 air pistol!



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