August Swiss rifle match results…

The Swiss rifle matches resumed this month at the Buck’s County Fish & Game Association. They had been suspended the last two months so that competitors who were able to, could travel to Switzerland for the 2015 Federal Schutzenfest. The Swiss rifle matches revolve around two targets. The A5/A10 round bullseye target and the B4 camouflage silhouette target.

The bullseye target is scored either from one to five points per shot fired or one to ten depending on the match course of fire.


The B4 is always scored from one to four points per shot fired. This is one seriously tough target to shoot at.


Since the Buck’s County club range does not have target pits, The targets are arrayed on a board just in front of the berm.


Prior to shooting for record, each competitor may fire sighters at the two targets arrayed vertically at the left side of their target board.

The first match is the Obligatorisches Program. This is the mandatory course of fire for Swiss citizens. All firing for this match is from the prone position.

The first string of fire is five rounds in six minutes on the A5 target on the left of the first pair of horizontally arrayed targets. I scored a 20 out of a possible 25. Moving right to the adjacent B4 target, the match continues in four strings of fire. First is five rounds slow fire in six minutes. The rest is rapid fire consisting of two rounds in twenty seconds, three rounds in thirty seconds and finally five rounds in one minute. Out of a possible 60 points, I scored a 45. The total for the match was a 65 out of a possible 85, which is one point from earning a qualification certificate!

Next up is the Feldschiessen. All firing for this match is from the prone position. Fired on the next pair of horizontally arrayed B4 targets, the first string is six rounds in seven minutes on the left target. This is followed by three rounds in one minute on the same target. Moving to the right target, the match continues with three more rounds in one minute. Then the match concludes with six rounds in one minute.  The total for the match was a 57 out of a possible 72, which is a medal earning score!

All that is left are the three A10 bullseye targets on the right side of the target board. The next match is the Enzelwettschiessen. Ten rounds prone slow fire in ten minutes on the left hand bullseye. Out of a possible 100 points, I scored an 80. Minimum score required for a medal is 88 points.

The final match of the day is the Meisterschaft. Normally it consists of ten rounds prone in ten minutes, ten rounds standing in ten minutes and ten rounds kneeling in ten minutes. Due to time constraints on the range, the score from the Enzelwettschiessen is carried over for the prone stage of the Meisterschaft match. While I was ok with my prone score, I shanked a shot in the standing stage which ruled out any possible reward. The target looked like a graphic map of the solar system! I improved in the kneeling stage but the damage was done. Needing a minimum of 228 points, I turned in an abysmal 182. And what does this mean to me? COME ON SEPTEMBER!

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