Massive progress made!

Saturday, August 8th, 2015.

So far this season, I have been lagging behind last year’s high average of 468.33 points @ 97.57%. After last month’s match, my current high average was only 461.00 points out of a possible 480 for 96.04%. This month was going to be different.

The weather was perfect. My pistol and handloaded ammunition functioned flawlessly in practice. The only questionable variable was me. I had to make things go well. The first relay did in fact go well. Everything went smooth, I actively tried to slow down and use more of the allotted time for each string of fire. The finally tally for the first relay was a 466-27X. Until now, my highest posted score this year was a 465-19X! While other shooters  were getting ready for the second relay, I stood there ready to go. I did not need to reload magazines since I always bring twenty-four loaded magazines with me to the match.  The second relay went off without a hitch, even the damned left side of the barricade did not seem to faze me. When the smoke cleared, I racked up 467 points with 22 “X”s! With two relays done, I have erased the 458 and 460 from June’s match. My high average has now jumped to 466.00 points @  97.03%!

Okay, one more relay for the day. Don’t screw it up.

Stage “A”

Six rounds from the holster one handed in eight seconds at the 3 yard line. Nothing but “X”s. Move back to the 7 yard line and fire two six round magazines from the holster in twenty seconds. Score for the stage, a near perfect 180-14X.

August A

Stage “B”

Move back to the 15 yard line and fire two six round magazines from the holster in twenty seconds. I used all the time allowed with the whistle sounding as the last fired case was ejected from my Kimber 1911. We are given the option of walking down to look at our targets. Yeah, I need to know. My walk is rewarded with all “10”s and “X”s! Now for the last string of fire for this stage. Move back to the 25 yard line and fire three six round magazines from the holster in ninety seconds. Six rounds kneeling from the right side of the barricade, six rounds standing from the left side of the barricade, and finally six rounds standing from the right side of the barricade. The whistle sounded and the firing line fell on it’s knees with an audible groan. My first magazine of six rounds was emptied rapidly to allow me more time for the bear down on the next. Dragging my self upright, I reloaded my pistol and transitioned to my left hand. With my right hand knuckles against the wooden barricade, I actually aimed at where I visualized the left side number “9” was. I could not discern the bullet impacts but I felt that I was doing okay. With the pistol again empty, I loaded my last magazine and chambered the first cartridge. Now I was back at the right side of the barricade with what I figured was about  twenty seconds remaining on the clock. I smoothly pressed the trigger six more times and the slide locked back empty about three seconds before the whistle sounded. When the firing line was declared safe, I nearly ran to my target to see the result. There were six bullet holes outside of and to the right of the “10” ring. Yeah, those six were from the left side of the barricade. Five “9”s and a single “8”. Seven points down from a clean score! The resultant 473-22X combined with the scores from earlier in the morning now pushes my season high average to 468.66 points @ 97.63%. This is higher than I finished at the end of last year with two matches still remaining!

August B

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