Progress, huzzah!

The July CMP rifle rifle match at Kimberton Fish & Game was yesterday. Both the temperature and humidity were climbing as we got ready for first call. After given permission to get into position and handle our rifles, I could feel the sweat rolling down my face.

Stage One: Ten rounds slow-fire from the prone position in ten minutes. All 10’s and 9’s until, an 8! Total for the stage: 92-0X.

JUL Prone

Stage Two: Ten rounds rapid-fire from the standing to prone position in 80 seconds. I always rush this stage. The first two shots were both 10’s. Reloading with a full clip of 8 rounds, I shanked the next shot. The remaining shots were 8’s, 9’s and 10’s. Total for the stage, 89-0X.

JUL Rapid

Stage Three: Ten rounds slow-fire from the standing without support in ten minutes. While it historically my weak spot, today I held it together. With the exception of a single pulled shot in the 7-ring, my group was circular and centered on the X-ring. Total for the stage: 85-0X.

JUL Standing

So I finish the match with a 266-0X. My season high average moves up to 253.00 points @ 84.44%. Four more matches remain to further improve!

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