May CMP match…

Today was the CMP match for May. I started out really well with a 95-1X in the prone slow fire stage.

MAY Prone

Once again I rushed through the rapid fire stage turning in a score of 86-0X. Not great, but good. I always rush the second string after the reload.

M ay Rapid

Ah, the standing stage, my personal Achilles’ heel. My shots wavered up and done as I struggled to relax. No deal; I yanked a pair high and low, dooming my score. Where I normally shoot in the 260s, today’s score was a 250-1X.

MAY Standing

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2 Responses to May CMP match…

  1. John, am I to understand you convinced Victor Consiglio to fire a Garaand?

  2. Yes, and he had a blast!

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