Swiss Rifle fun!


Today was the first Swiss Rifle match for 2015 at the Bucks County Fish & Game Association in Doylestown, PA. The freezing weather felt appropriately alpine for today’s foray. The first match was the Obligatorisch, the match required to be fired by Swiss citizens. Well, I did not do a spectacular job on this course of fire. Dropping my brain, I let two shots go wide. In the end, I posted a miserable 62.35%. The Obligatorisch match is fired using two targets. The round bullseye target and the camouflage B4 target.


The next relay was the Feldschiessen. This match is tougher as all rounds are fired on the B4 target. However, I got it together and finished with a 73.61%. I came close to earning a medal here.

Ending the day was the Einselwettschiessen. A straightforward match of ten rounds slowfire on the bullseye target. I slipped a bit and posted a 78%. I really enjoyed myself today and I will return to BCF&GA to try again.




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