New technology for a classic design.

My Ruger LCR is the gun I carry when I can’t carry a gun.

With a 1.875″ barrel and an abbreviated grip, it is a small package. The frame is aluminum and the trigger guard/grip assembly is polymer thereby saving weight. It is so light; that at 13.5 ounces, it is easy to forget that it is in your pocket!

Ruger LCR #1

The fluted stainless steel cylinder holds five rounds of .38 Special(+P) ammunition.

Ruger LCR #2

Ruger LCR #4 Ruger LCR #5

The Hogue brand grips fit my hand nicely and go along way in managing the stout recoil that comes from firing (+P) ammunition in such a light weight revolver.

Ruger LCR #6

With such a short barrel, the ejector rod is naturally short as well. This mandates that the muzzle be pointed straight up when ejecting spent cases to ensure that none get hung up under the extractor star. Using the Stressfire reload technique, reloading is fast and fumble free.

Ruger LCR #7 Ruger LCR #8

As I stated earlier, the LCR is manufactured to handle .38 Special(+P) ammunition. It is a very utilitarian piece of safety/rescue equipment. It’s beauty is in it’s performance since it is rather ugly in appearance.

Ruger LCR #12

The ammunition that I carry the LCR loaded with is the 135gr(+P) Gold Dot round from Speer. It is designed to be fired in short barrels for increased velocity and reduced muzzle flash. This ammunition in my LCR shoots to point of aim at 20 yards.

Ruger LCR #13 Ruger LCR #14 Ruger LCR #15

Being a snubnose revolver, it is meant to be carried concealed. I specifically have the LCR for those times that I cannot openly carry my Kimber Custom II .45ACP pistol. A De Santis model N3 pocket hoster makes my revolver disappear in my pants pocket.

Ruger LCR #16 Ruger LCR #19

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