The oldest Colt in the stable….

My Colt Army Special was built in 1918. While not pristine, it is in remarkable shape for being almost 100 years old. The Army Special was only made from 1908 to 1927.

Colt Army Special A

Colt Army Special B

Colt Army Special C

The rear of the cylinder is machined flat as with all Colts.

Colt Army Special D

Just below the rampant colt on the side plate there looks like a rusty smudge. It is the reflection of face of the extractor star in the blued finish.

Colt Army Special E

The grips and the Colt medallion are in excellent condition.

Colt Army Special F

An interesting feature is one that restricts the Army Special from firing modern high pressure ammunition. Milled into the top strap is an oval depression called a “fouling cup”. This is a hold over from the days of black powder cartridges. The cup gave the thick black powder fouling a place to go when fired. Thus, the revolver could fire more ammunition before the fouling built up and seized the cylinder requiring it to be cleaned. Because of this anomaly, I only fire light wadcutter rounds through this old Colt.

Colt Army Special G

Colt Army Special H

The firing pin is of the classic fixed variety. There are rub marks on the sides of the hammer. These are the largest blemishes present on the gun.

Colt Army Special I

Normal for the period, the sight are atrocious! A tiny rear U notch with a front sight that tapers to a point makes fast, accurate double action fire damned difficult. But if I take my time firing single action, the old girl can post some impressive scores still.

Colt Army Special J

Colt Army Special K

Colt Army Special L

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