Old meets new…

Not too long ago, I modified an old M16 magazine pouch to carry a pair of M14 magazines.

M14 pouch 3

Earlier this week, I acquired a surplus MOLLE II load bearing vest and a few more M16 pouches. Now I can carry 12 M14 magazines comfortably. So much better than a vintage BAR belt!

M14 vest

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2 Responses to Old meets new…

  1. Russell Hohl says:

    What did you “modify” on the pouches? I picked up several M16 mag pouches just like those pictured, and each pouch will hold two M14 / M1A 20-round magazines without any modifications.

  2. These are 30 round magazine pouches so I cut out the divider strips and put a block in the bottom of the pouch to lift the mag high enough for easy grasping

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