Getting it street legal…

Well, “as-issued” match legal that is. My M14 is currently not legal for CMP matches as it has National Match sights on it. No, it is not an M1A. I built the rifle using a Reese M14 parts kit and a stripped Armscorp M14 receiver. So; with the exception of the receiver, every part of the rifle is US Government issue. In several photos you can see a hole in the stock just above the trigger. That is where the selector switch to allow full auto fire was located. The camo paint job was put on the ugly brown fiberglass stock just to make it look better.

M14 #1

M14 #2

M14 #3

M14 #8

Removal of the rear sight is not difficult at all. Once off the receiver, all that remains are the receiver ears.

M14 #9

M14 #11

Here are the old NM parts. The hooded sight aperture is in the foreground.

M14 #12

Now the rifle wears a standard USGI rear sight.

M14 #13

Part two, swap out the NM front sight. Here is the clearly marked match sight.

M14 #14

The USGI front sight on the left is unmarked and differs from the NM unit in that the match grade sight blade is thinner.

M14 #17

With the sight removed, the mounting dovetail is clearly visible.

M14 #18

Now the barrel has a standard front sight.

M14 #19

My M14 is now “as-issued” legal for the CMP Modern Military matches! Now to zero it and prepare for the Eastern games!

M14 #21

M14 #22

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