What it takes to be competitive


The discipline and practice of fundamental marksmanship is as old as firearms themselves. Over the years the weapons changed, but the fundamentals of making a well aimed round hit exactly where it was intended have never changed. Every course of fire in CMP competition has it’s roots in basic military training. The value of basic knowledge in the discipline of fundamental marksmanship has been proven throughout our history. From the pioneers that needed to eat and protect themselves, to every armed conflict America has fought, the effective use individual arms cannot be understated. It doesn’t matter how young someone was when they first shot a firearm. It doesn’t matter how many guns one has collected, or what they are worth.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. In fact young women have a unique advantage over men to excel in the discipline because they see it for what it really is. It is a discipline that has to be learned, and by learned it has to be taught by someone that can teach it effectively. Many red blooded American men feel like they can hold their own with the fundamental use of a rifle. It is part of our culture, but it isn’t true. In fact the very lowest NRA, or military classification of Marksman ranks them in the top 1% of all that have ever used a rifle for any reason. Rifle competition is the top 1% that are willing to take the discipline to apply fundamental concepts, based on a military standard, as close to perfection as one life span allows. I hear it all the time, “If only I had discovered this sooner in my life” Taking part in the discipline by shooting the matches changes a lifelong gun owner/enthusiast into something new. Like a young football fan can become an All-American by playing football instead of just watching it, and wearing official jerseys. The fundamentals of how to run, how to hold the ball, are like how to load, how to use the sling, how to use the positions.

You don’t learn the fundamentals by owning guns, having them accurized, or finding the perfect load recipe. The bench is a means to eliminate the fundamentals of marksmanship, and reduce the act of shooting to the pure ability of the equipment, and not the shooter. You will never lose to a better rifle, but you will only lose to better shooters. You learn from others willing to teach, and the experience of competition. Every day at the range has a real purpose.

Get in the game, and make every shot count. We need you in the 1%.


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