The roughest of the collection…

But vitally important. My 12 gauge High Standard K-120 RIOT circa 1969 is my home defense shotgun. Plain Jane wood furniture without rails; if ever held up before a jury, it should not evoke knee jerk “scary black tactical weapon” thoughts. With the exception of the extended magazine tube, it is identical to deer guns in the High Standard catalog of the day.

High Standard RIOT A

It is a retired police issued cruiser shotgun. It was carried in the trunk as evidenced by the lack of rub marks that would be present if it had been dash racked in a Lecco Lock. That said, it has seen hard use as there are numerous scratches, scuffs and a few gouges that mar it’s looks.

High Standard RIOT E

High Standard RIOT D

High Standard RIOT C

The shotgun is as issued except I had the butt shortened 1″ and a rubber recoil pad installed. I may one day have it refinished, but for now I will just keep it oiled and as is.

Unlike many pump action shotguns, the magazine tube is able to be removed while the barrel is rigidly affixed to the receiver. With the front and rear sights being integral to the barrel and receiver, accuracy is quite high. Despite being a smooth cylinder bore, five shot cloverleafs at 25 yards with Brenneke MP slugs is the norm.

High Standard RIOT H

Being of an older design, there is only a single action bar. Despite this; or because of it, the action is smooth and fast.

High Standard RIOT G

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