$89.00 AR-15!

While cleaning up the arms room, I did an inventory of the miscellaneous parts that tend to accumulate over time. Along with the stripped DPMS lower receiver I had stashed away, I had all the parts needed to build an AR except for the bolt carrier group. So I assembled all the parts on hand and then set about to secure a BCG. While chatting with a friend of mine, he informed me that he had a spare BCG from SI Defense laying about. I asked him what he wanted for it. “How much 7mm Remington Magnum brass do you have?” “About 400 pieces.” “I’ll trade you even up for it. Four hundred pieces is worth more than the BCG, but since I know you scrounged it all and you don’t reload for it you’re getting the BCG for free!” So, I dropped by his place and made the trade. Now I have an AR-15A1/A2 hybrid for the price of the stripped receiver ($89.00)! It has an A1 upper receiver, pistol grip and flash suppressor. The A2 parts are the barrel, handguards and buttstock. The buttstock and handguards were a little rough on the exterior surface so that is why I put on a pauper’s camo job.

AR-15 #2A

AR-15 #2B

AR-15 #2C

AR-15 #2D

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