It came down to one shot…..

Day Three and another attempt at a medal. The weather was great and I was ready. The first two stages went great. A 91 in the slow fire prone and an 88 in the rapid fire prone. Going into the slow fire standing stage I still felt great. The stage started off with a “10” just outside of the “X” ring. As the stage continued I was doing well with mostly “8”s and “9”s. And then it happened. I jerked the trigger! The shot went wide on the target and landed a hair’s wide OUTSIDE of the “5” ring scoring a zero. When the match was over and my scores totaled, I missed the  bronze by two points! I have one more shot at it tomorrow so I am only optimistic. And along the way I met two great people, Kristi “Ammo Girl” Moore and her husband Scott. They are great people to compete with. 


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